Ziecon Zirconia Ceramic Dental Restoratives

Until now, due to their steep prices, all Zirconia ceramic dental restoratives were considered a luxury for those in need of tooth replacements. While metal base, ceramic – coated restoratives are available as alternatives they have their own setbacks in terms of quality, longevity, looks and aesthetics.

But now Zirconia ceramic dental restoratives have been made very affordable and well within the reach by Jyoti Ceramic Industries, in the form of ZIECON® Ceramic Dental blanks which are a highly cost effective solution, offering superior aesthetic, higher strength, better fit and comes with a 15 years warranty.

With this ingenious innovation in dental ceramics, now everyone can proudly...

“Own That Smile”!

Features of Ziecon Zirconia Ceramic Dental Blanks

  • Produced form clinical grade Japanese Zirconia ceramic powder in White & Translucent
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Compatible with open CAD/CAM and manually operated Copy Milling Machines
  • Uniform Hardness & Density
  • Chipping free smooth milling
  • Uniform shrinkage upon sintering
  • Suitable for crowns, bridges, abutments & implants

    Discs are Isopressed / Uniaxially pressed